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James Butterworth, pôle Cryogénie, présentera
le séminaire mensuel NÉEL

Mardi 16 mai 2023 à 9h30

Salle des séminaires – Bâtiment A


Titre : Development of a continuous sub-millikelvin refrigerator, and isotopic purification of helium-3

Résumé :The duration of experiments requiring ultra-cold temperatures below 1 millikelvin is currently limited to a few tens of hours because of the need to periodically recycle Nuclear Demagnetization Refrigerators (NDR). I will present our progress towards a two-stage continuously operating NDR, designed to be mounted on a cryogen-free dilution refrigerator. Overall design criteria and selected solutions will be presented. Development and testing of key components, including a recently demonstrated ultra-high conductance superconducting heat-switch will be described. 

I will also briefly present the results of additional unrelated work concerning the isotopic purification of 3He through fractional adsorption on activated charcoal.