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Seminar QuantAlps/SFP : Monday, 22nd April 2024 at 11:00 am

Howard Wiseman (Griffith University, Brisbane Australia)

Title: Are we living in the Matrix? What quantum experiments reveal about the world and our powers in it, and what the future may hold


Institut Néel, Room D420 (Nevill Mott)
Abstract: In the original Matrix movie, the bulk of the human population lives not in the real world but inside a computer simulation called the Matrix. They are unable to detect this situation, except for the fact that certain agents can transcend the normal rules of physics. In this talk, I will explain how this is eerily similar to the world we live in. Certain people (quantum physicists) can transcend the normal rules by using entangled particles to do things that “should be” impossible. This makes the world very puzzling place, even for quantum physicists. These “super-powers” are also central to the emerging field of quantum information technology. Finally, I will explain very recent work by myself and co-workers that ties all of this together in order to show that the world is even more puzzling than we had thought. Much like the latest Matrix movie.