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Quantum Materials: Thursday, January 21, 4 p.m.

Georg Knebel (Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Irig, Pheliqs, CEA Grenoble)
Zoom link: https://univ-grenoble-alpes-fr.zoom.us/j/96137239972?pwd=OEszQlV2dXdHMlVQRDk5YkRpWlFDZz09

ID de réunion : 961 3723 9972
Code secret : 374848

Title: “UTe2, a new spin triplet superconductor”


Spin triplet superconductivity is a rather rare state and only a few examples exist in nature where this state is realized. Recently superconductivity has been reported in the paramagnetic heavy fermion compound UTe2 below Tc = 1.6 K and we will review some of its remarkable properties. We will discuss that UTe2 is a promising candidate for spin-triplet superconductivity. Focus will be given on the field reentrance of superconductivity, which is observed for magnetic fields applied in specific crystallographic directions: a field-reinforced superconducting phase is observed up to 35 T, as well as a reentrant phase between 40 and 60T. Furthermore, the phase diagram of UTe2 under high-pressure will be discussed, and notably the appearance of multiple superconducting phases, as well as other surprises occurring in this exotic material.