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Hardware for efficient measurements and massive signal delivery
in superconducting quantum processors

Florent Lecocq (NIST)


Tuesday, June 29th at 2:00 pm

Zoom link : https://univ-grenoble-alpes-fr.zoom.us/j/91808901596?pwd=UWZ2cml2N1VBOEZBenk0d3RJek9rdz09


Abstract: There are many challenges to scaling the size of superconducting quantum computers. First and foremost, building processors with increasing numbers of qubits and longer coherence remains a daunting task. However, the success of superconducting quantum computing will also hinge on the development of many supporting technologies such as cryogenics, signal delivery, and microwave readout. Here I will discuss approaches to two of these bottlenecks, lying at the interface between quantum physics and engineering. First, I will discuss the challenges of wiring a million-qubit processor with coaxial lines, and how using photonic links can enable the use of optical fibers instead [1]. Second, I will discuss why superconducting quantum processors need nonreciprocal components, what are the limitations of the conventional microwave circulators, and how we intend to replace them with integrable nonreciprocal devices based on multimode parametric interactions [2].

[1] F. Lecocq, et al, Nature 591, 575-579 (2021)
[2] F. Lecocq, et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 020502 (2021)