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Next Quantum Material Seminar/LANEF:


Thursday, June 15th 2023 at 2:00 pm

Elena Hassinger (Technische Universität Dresden)

Interplay of ordered states in the locally non-centrosymmetric superconductor CeRh2As2



To access this seminar:

Institut Néel CNRS, Building E, Room Louis Weil (E424)


Abstract: Local inversion-symmetry breaking in a crystal combined with strong Rashba interaction can lead to a field-induced transition from an even to an odd-parity superconducting state when the orbital limit is large due to correlations [1]. The first realisation of this phenomenology is likely found in the locally non-centrosymmetric CeRh2As2 in which two superconducting states (SC1 and SC2) occur in a magnetic field along the crystallographic c axis [2,3]. The superconducting state with Tc = 0.3 K develops out of an ordered state setting in at T0 = 0.5 K [4] of possibly quadrupole-density-wave (QDW) origin. Furthermore, signatures of antiferromagnetism (AF) are observed below Tc by NQR [5]. The low ordering temperatures and non-Fermi-liquid behavior suggest the proximity to a quantum critical point but the role of QDW and AF orders for superconductivity remains unclear. In this talk I will give a comprehensive overview of experimental results on this unique material including the discovery [2], the strong anisotropy of the phase diagram for different field directions [2,4,6] along with the detailed angle dependence [3], as well as the response to hydrostatic pressure. These results support the even to odd-parity transition scenario for the superconducting states and suggest a weak competitive coupling between the QDW and SC order parameters [6].

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[6] K. Semeniuk et al., arXiv:2301.09151 (2023).

The organizers:

Elsa Lhotel (elsa.lhotel@neel.cnrs.fr)
Florence Levy-Bertrand (florence.levy-bertrand@neel.cnrs.fr)