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Seminar MCBT : Monday, 25th September 2023 at 2:00 pm


Dmitry Zmeev (Lancaster University)


Title: Transport of Bound Quasiparticles in a Two-dimensional Boundary Superfluid


Institut Néel, Room E424 (Louis Weil)
Abstract: The B phase of superfluid 3He can be cooled into the “pure” superfluid regime, where the  thermal quasiparticle density is negligible. The bulk superfluid is surrounded by a quantum well at the boundaries of the container, confining a sea of quasiparticles with energies smaller than of those in the bulk. We can create a non-equilibrium distribution of these quasiparticles within the quantum well and observe the dynamics of their motion indirectly. Here we show that the induced quasiparticle currents flow diffusively in the two-dimensional system. Combining this with a direct measurement of energy, we conclude that the bulk superfluid 3He is effectively surrounded by an independent two-dimensional superfluid, which is isolated from the bulk superfluid but which readily interacts with mechanical probes and has its own distinct transport. Our work shows that this two-dimensional quantum condensate and the dynamics of the surface bound states are experimentally accessible, opening the possibility of engineering two-dimensional quantum condensates of arbitrary topology