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Christophe Galland
(Laboratory of Quantum and Nano-Optics (EPFL))

Jeudi 10 février 2022 à 9h30

Zoom link: https://univ-grenoble-alpes-fr.zoom.us/j/99705593532?pwd=clcvaEVJRnRoQjhKUFl0b1ZxUHFRQT09


Title: « Molecular Optomechanics »

Abstract: Molecules support internal vibrations that may be seen as the ultimate nanomechanical oscillators for their tiny effective mass and high resonance frequencies (from few to 100 THz) [1]. I will present my group’s recent contributions to the fundamental understanding of collective quantum coherence and hybrid quantum correlations emerging upon Raman scattering between light and molecular vibrations in ambient conditions [2,3], which allow for the generation of frequency tunable entangled [4] and heralded [5] photons.
Next, I will show how light-matter interaction is modified when molecules are embedded in nanocavities with mode volumes orders of magnitude below the diffraction limit [6,7]. In particular, I will describe a new device that performs coherent frequency conversion between the mid-infrared (32 THz, 9.3 µm) and visible domain using molecular oscillators as optomechanical transducers [8,9].

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