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Next Quantum Material Seminar/LANEF:


Tuesday, May 16th 2023 at 11:00 am

Anne De Visser (Van der Waals-Zeeman Institute, University of Amsterdam)

Type-I superconductivity in the Dirac semimetal PdTe2



To access this seminar:

Institut Néel CNRS, Building K, Room Rémy Lemaire  (K223)


Abstract: The family of transition metal dichalcogenides attracts ample attention, because of the ubiquitous presence of topological features in the electronic band structure. Here the focus is on PdTe2 that was classified as a Type-II Dirac semimetal [1], and becomes superconducting below Tc = 1.6 K [2]. This prompts the question whether superconductivity has a topological nature. In this presentation I report an in-depth characterization of the superconducting properties of PdTe2 by means of electrical resistivity, magnetization, susceptibility and heat capacity measurements carried out on single crystalline samples [3]. Surprisingly, we find that PdTe2 is a Type-I superconductor, which is rare for a binary compound. Type-I behaviour is furthermore confirmed by the detection of the intermediate state in mSR [4] and scanning SQUID measurements [5]. Interestingly, we also find an unusual type of surface superconductivity corroborated by the ac-susceptibility screening signal [3], which is robust under high pressure [6]. The unusual field-temperature phase diagram, with bulk and surface superconductivity, will be discussed in view of the topological electronic structure of PdTe2.


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The organizers:

Elsa Lhotel (elsa.lhotel@neel.cnrs.fr)
Florence Levy-Bertrand (florence.levy-bertrand@neel.cnrs.fr)