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Next Quantum Materials Seminar/LANEF:


JThursday, February 1st 2024 at 2:00 pm

Andrea Severing (University of Cologne)

“ Stabilizing the U 5f2 configuration in UTe2: Te2-chains and U-dimers “




To access this seminar:

Institut Néel CNRS, Building K, Room Rémy Lemaire  (K223)


Abstract: We investigate UTe2 using high-resolution valence-band resonant inelastic x-ray scattering at the U M4,5-edges and observe atomic-like low-energy excitations that support the correlated nature of this unconventional superconductor. These excitations originate from the U 5f2 configuration, which is unexpected given the large charge donation from the Te2 associated with the short Te2-Te2 distances. By utilizing the photoionization cross-section dependence of the photoemission spectra in combination with band structure calculations, we infer that the stabilization of the U 5f2 configuration is due to the U 6d bonding states in the U-dimers acting as a charge reservoir. Our results emphasize that the description of the physical properties should commence with a 5f2 ansatz, including the 5pyb of the Te2 and the bonding states of the 6d3z2−r2 orbitals.

The organizers:

Elsa Lhotel (elsa.lhotel@neel.cnrs.fr)
Florence Levy-Bertrand (florence.levy-bertrand@neel.cnrs.fr)