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NEW:  Materials seminar

Amina Bensalah-Ledoux
Institut Lumière Matière (ILM, Lyon)

Tuesday, 1st June – 9.30 am

Zoom link: https://univ-grenoble-alpes-fr.zoom.us/j/93892379099?pwd=dTVUcmRTNXplbVNTRi9uaFBhcWlKUT09

Title: Chirality at the molecular scale: materials and spectroscopy


Chirality is a property of symmetry that occurs at all scales. Two objects are chiral if their mirror images do not overlap. In living organisms, chirality has an essential importance, since most of the mechanisms of molecular recognition or biological signal transmission are triggered by this asymmetry. Chirality, at the molecular scale, also plays a fundamental role in the light-matter interaction. We speak of “electromagnetic chirality” for a medium filled with chiral objects, of sub-wavelength size. It is this “electromagnetic chirality” that is at the heart of our research work, through the design, realization and study of chiral materials in the solid state, generally in the form of thin films or powder but also in solution.

In this context, we develop at ILM within the MNP team, two themes around chirality at the molecular scale: (i) Chiral integrated optics. In this context, we want to free planar photonics from the linear polarization diktat, using chiral materials with very high rotational power; (ii) chiral spectroscopies that we have developed in order to study different chiral systems. Our collaboration with colleagues from Strasbourg provides a nice example of these investigations mixing chirality and linear effects, applied to soft mechanochemistry