Institut Néel and its scientific surroundings : ESRF, ILL, CEA, Minatec


Responsable : Aline RAMOS


  • Aude BAILLY
  • Maurizio DE-SANTIS
  • Farid FETTAR
  • Stéphane GRENIER
  • Yves JOLY
  • Danny MANNIX
  • Aline RAMOS
  • Marie-Claire SAINT-LAGER
  • Yvonne SOLDO
  • Jean-Marc TONNERRE


  • Visiteurs et post-docs

  • Antoine ABISSET

    Stagiaires étudiants

    Ex-membres :

    • Oana BUNAU
    • Pierre DOLLE
    • Houmed GARRAD
    • Yves GAUTHIER
    • Marta ELZO
    • Véronique LANGLAIS
    • Issam LAOUFI

    Optique et Matriaux - OPTIMA

    Our research group gathers a complete chain of competences that goes from the design of new materials to the conception of optical devices : chemical engineering of non centrosymmetric compounds with laser and... > suite

    Micro et NanoMagntisme - MNM

    Complementary expertise in fabrication, characterisation, and simulations for studies in nanomagnetism with applications in spin electronics and micro-systems
    Nano-Optique et Forces - NOF

    Nano-Optique et Forces - NOF

    Nano - optique et forces

    Nanospintronique et Transport Molculaire - NanoSpin

    Studying magnetism at the nanoscale, where classical and quantum properties can be combined and used for molecular quantum spintronics

    Thermodynamique et biophysique des petits systmes - TPS

    Our researchs deal with BioPhysics and Condensed Matter Physics, based on our expertises in ultrasensitive instrumentation and nanotechnology.
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