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Faits marquants & Pages récentes

Apr 2015 — European project GreenDiamond

Diamond as the ultimate wide bandgap semiconductor to fabricate a 10kV power transistor. A European project coordinated by Institut NEEL.

Feb 2014 - Neutron investigation of ferrimagnetic compounds containing gadolinium and boron gets easier

Magnetic structure on highly absorbing compounds using neutron diffraction - L.V.B. Diop, O. Isnard

Oct 2013 - Nobel prize in Physics — The theoretical discovery of the Higgs boson

F. Englert (BE) and P. W. Higgs (UK) shared the 2013 Nobel prize for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles

Apr 2013 — Quantum optics with flying electrons

Performing quantum optics experiment with single flying electrons

June 2012. — Graphene/ferromagnet hybrids prepared by facile intercalation

Preparation of a new class of epitaxial hybrid materials, air-protected graphene/ferromagnetic stacks with tunable magnetic properties.

Apr.2012 - Crystal Growth of Periodically Poled KTiOPO4

Fabrication of centimetric-sized KTiOPO4 crystals (PPKTP) with a regular polar grating, based on homo-epitaxial growth using seeds of thin PPKTP plates previously patterned by electric field poling.

Apr.2012 - Condensation et évaporation dans les verres poreux

Nous étudions, par des moyens thermodynamiques et optiques, les processus par lesquels des matériaux poreux, les aérogels de silice, se remplissent ou se vident d’hélium 4.

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