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Internships: Licence / Master-1

The laboratory offer many opportunities for internship, at all level and duration. In addition of Master 2 internships which often leads to theses, we offer:

Bachelor/Master 1

These internships are shorter than those of Master 2 (1 or 2 months). We don’t publish list for these, but you can consult subjects of Master 2 Internships to have an idea of priority thematic. For more information, contact the laboratory (neel.contact@grenoble.cnrs.fr) or directly a department, a team, for which you would be directly interested.

A search engine is also available, to allow you to browse offers by keyword or by the research team.

Consultation de la brochure de stage 2019-2020 :


TitleType of offerTeams & GroupsFull description
High temperature superconducting oxychlorides: a light element model for cuprates Licence and Master-1 internships - HMagnetism and Superconductivity (MCBT) PDF
Quantum interference and single-electron detection with flying qubits Licence and Master-1 internships - Quantum Electronic Circuits Alps (QUEST) PDF
Growth of TiO2-Anatase catalyst films for water splitting Licence and Master-1 internships - Surfaces, Inteerfaces and Nanostructures (QUEST) PDF
Etude de matériaux magnétiques à base d’élément de terre-rare et de cobalt ou fer Licence and Master-1 internships - Materials, Radiations, Structure (PLUM) PDF
Cavitation in nanoconfinement Licence and Master-1 internships - Helium : from fundamental to applications (MCBT) PDF
Helium cavitation using the artificial tree technique Licence and Master-1 internships - Helium : from fundamental to applications (MCBT) PDF

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