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Topics for Master-2 and PhDs

Master internships usually last 4 months, ranging from March to June, possibly extended during Summer. The duration and time along the year may however be adapted to the needs of each specific case (ERASMUS, Diplomarbeit, etc).

At the beginning of each academic year, research teams of Institut NEEL offer about 100 internships for master-2 level, most often liable to lead to a research topic for a Phd. The list of topics proposed for the Master-2 internships is provided below. If you have any interest with one, please contact the person in charge of the internship.

The follow-up of a Master-2 internship with a PhD (3-year duration in France) is common. The funding of a PhD may be already available from the research teams through contracts (see current funded positions), or should be searched in close association with the host team. Fellowships may be granted by doctoral schools, foundations, Europe programs, Industrials (fully industrial or co-funded by CNRS) etc. Grants are open to all students with no restriction of nationality nor place of education, be it Grenoble University or other French or foreign doctoral schools.

A search engine is also available, to allow you to browse offers by keyword or by the research team.

Consultation of internships 2018-2019 : Lien


TitleType of offerTeams & GroupsFull description
Graphene based superconducting quantum bit Master-2 internships and PhDs - Hybrid Systems at low dimension (QUEST) PDF
Guided interactions with rare-earth luminescent centers for quantum information processing Master-2 internships and PhDs - Nanophysics and Semiconductors (PLUM) Erreur sur le lien
Engineering mechanical oscillators in the quantum regime for molecular spin qubits Master-2 internships and PhDs - Nanospintronics and Molecular Transport (QUEST)
- Quantum coherence (QUEST)
Erreur sur le lien
Investigating Multiferroïcity in Doubly Ordered Perovskites Master-2 internships and PhDs - Materials, Radiations, Structure (PLUM) PDF
Glass Nanomechanical Resonators in the Quantum Ground State Master-2 internships and PhDs - Ultra-low temperatures (MCBT) PDF

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