Operating a synthesis chamber with ultra-high vacuum conditions


A large part of the research activity at Institut NEEL relies on the synthesis of materials, as the first step towards developing innovative research in Physics. This activity is directly coupled with caracterisation as a mean to qualify the output of synthesis, and to microfabrication when devices are required.

The expertise in material synthesis at Institut NEEL is varied. It ranges from the manufacture of single crystals for exploring new properties through electrical, magnetic or optical measurements, to the synthesis of thin layers and two-dimensional architectures. We possess an expertise on both physical and chemical methods, from samples to R&D-size-compliant crystals and wafers. Bottom-up routes for the synthesis of nanostructures are also increasingly used.

High-quality and advanced materials are required to perform competitive research. The required expertise is supported jointly and in strong link between technological support groups and research teams, as the design and control of materials is a topic of research in itself.


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Read more on the pages of the technological support groups involved in synthesis : bulk crystal growth, instrumentation, epitaxy and layer deposition and nanofab.


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Self-assembled GaN nanowires (length 10 micrometers) grown by MOCVD (MetalOrganic Chemical Vapor Deposition)
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