Solid-state and Gas-solid reactions

Axe transverse Chimie

Axe transverse Chimie

La chimie est une activité qui concerne une quarantaine de permanents, répartis dans différentes équipes de recherche et de pôles technologiques sur l’ensemble de l’Institut Néel

Reactive powder metallurgy

In the field of hydrides (IICE – MCMF group), alkali borohydrides are of particular interest for hydrogen storage due to their high hydrogen storage capacity (ex. LiBH4 contains 18.4 wt% H2). The main drawback is their stability which prevents reversibility in moderate temperature and pressure... > suite

Crystal growth technique via chemical transport

Gas-solid reactions are also used as a crystal growth technique via chemical transport. This method is well suited for binary or ternary oxides of transition metal elements without strongly basic components; it is used to prepare crystals of spinels such as M2GeO4 using HCl or Cl2 as... > read more

High Pressure - High Temperature methods

[bleu marine] Institut Néel High Pressure High Temperature Devices (max 8GPa, 1500°C)[/bleu marine] Institut Néel also possesses two hydraulic presses for high pressure-high temperature (HP-HT) syntheses up to 8 GPa. (Instrumentation -MCMF Tech group). These are used to stabilize strongly... > suite

Ceramic routes

Institut Néel is equipped with a large range of resistive and induction furnaces, that allows an important synthetic solid state chemistry activity including under controlled atmosphere. The studies of solid solutions in magnetic, magneto-optic, multiferroics compounds elaborated in various... > read more

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