Crystal growth

Axe transverse Chimie

Axe transverse Chimie

La chimie est une activité qui concerne une quarantaine de permanents, répartis dans différentes équipes de recherche et de pôles technologiques sur l’ensemble de l’Institut Néel

Floating zone crystal growth

A 2x1000 W Cyberstar image furnace (Cristaux massifs-MCMF tech group) allows to grow various compounds for physical studies. Recently studied systems are Sr-Ru-O oxides, langasites with a frustrated rare-earth network (Pr3Ga5SiO14 and Ba3NbFe3Si2O14) (Collaboration with the teams SPMCE-MCMF,... > suite

Growth from the melt

High-quality single crystals of heavy fermion materials, based on the ternary system: RareEarth – d transition element – p elements such as URu2Si2, CeRh3B2 or CeNi2B2C are grown from the melt for high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). The crystal growth of other... > read more

High Temperature Solution/flux Growth

The  Cristaux Massifs - MCMF Tech group is studying the growth of large periodically-poled KTiOPO4 (PPKTP) crystals from high temperature solutions. We first demonstrated domain growth from a microstructured substrate by liquid phase epitaxy, and aim then to grow large periodically-poled KTiOPO4... > read more

Solution growth of large crystals close to room temperature

An original rapid growth reactor working in stationary conditions is developed in MatONLP-MCMF group. It can accommodate almost any chemical system combining the circulation and in-line treatment (over-heating, ultra-filtration and ultrasounds) of the growth solution to avoid spurious... > read more

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