Surface Chemistry and Functionalizations

Axe transverse Chimie

Axe transverse Chimie

La chimie est une activité qui concerne une quarantaine de permanents, répartis dans différentes équipes de recherche et de pôles technologiques sur l’ensemble de l’Institut Néel

Nanocrystal functionalizations for biophotonics

Peptide grafting on hybrid core-shell nanoparticles for in vivo imaging (angiography) Core-shell hybrid organic-inorganic nanoparticles are prepared through a one step spray-drying process for in vivo two-photon fluorescence imaging (MatONLP-MCMF group). Through the nature of sol-gel... > suite

Chemical grafting of fluorescent nanocrystals on silica tips for high resolution SNOM

Diamond nanocrystals, exhibiting fluorescent nitrogen-vacancy centers, are also involved in the functionalization of optical tips. The aim is to develop high-resolution nano-source of photons for near-field optical microscope by grafting on the tip apex small diamond nanocrystals, 20nm in... > suite

Functionalization of substractes for biophysical studies of living cells

Biophysical studies of living cells require biofunctionalisation of the growth substrate, since cells need to interact specifically with proteins from the extracellular matrix to function properly. Methods for protein immobilization and patterning have been developed in the Thermodynamique des... > suite

Diamond and Crabon Nanotubes functionalization : toward bio-analytics and bioelectronics

To develop diamond-based biosensensors, the Semiconducteurs grand gap group - Nano is optimizing wet chemical routes for localized electrochemical and chemical surface functionnalization with biomolecules (proteins, enzymes, ADN) on boron-doped diamond and carbon nanotubes. This novel chemical... > suite

Carbon Nanotubes functionalization for Molecular Sprintronics

In the framework of studies of electronic transport through single molecules, new mesoscopic phenomena, and quantum effects at the single-molecule level to develop molecular spintronics, the Nanospin group - Nano is developing carbon nanotube (CNT)-based quantum devices for molecular spin... > suite

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