Solution Chemistry

Axe transverse Chimie

Axe transverse Chimie

La chimie est une activité qui concerne une quarantaine de permanents, répartis dans différentes équipes de recherche et de pôles technologiques sur l’ensemble de l’Institut Néel

Solvothermal methods

Hydrothermal/solvothermal methods are used by several groups, who develop and share specific autoclaves. The hydrothermal method is used for crystal engineering of metal iodates, that are promising materials for the realization of optical parametric amplifiers and oscillators in the IR range... > suite


In the Micro-Nano-Magnétisme group – Nano Department, nanoporous alumina membranes with honeycomb pore network are synthesized electrochemically under specific anodizing conditions with acidic electrolytes. The resulting membranes are used as templates for the electrochemical growth of soft... > suite

Soft chemistry

Sol-gel chemistry, molecular precursor methods and metal-organic decomposition (MOD) techniques have been selected for their flexibility, scalability and low cost. These wet chemical routes are coupled with various shaping techniques : spin-coating, dip-coating, spray-drying, spray-pyrolysis... > suite

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