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Projets européens (archive)

Projets européens impliquant l’Institut NEEL et désormais clots. Retourner aux projets en cours.

ECCOFLOW — FP7 ENERGY (2010-2013)

Development and field test of an efficient YBCO Coated Conductor based Fault Current Limiter for Operation in Electricity Networks

EuCARD — FP7 (2009-2013)

EuCARD European coordination for accelerator research and development FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES

SOLID — IP (2010-2013)

The SOLID project aims to develop small solid-state hybrid systems that are capable of performing elementary processing and communication of quantum information.

Spin-Optronics — ITN (2009-2013)

Spin-Optronics is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) project, spanning from Oct.2009 to oct.2013.

ATLAS H2 — IAAP 2009

ATLAS H2 is a combined networking/research project related to hydrogen storage.

Grenada — NMP (2010-2013)

GRaphenE for NAnoscaleD Applications

GEOMDISS — FET Open 2008

The aim of this project is to investigate how dissipation influences the geometric phases and geometric pumping in quantum solid-state devices and to assess the role of geometric manipulations in future ICT applications.

Diversity — FP7 2008

FP7 program - Improving the gender diversity management in materials research institutions.

Microkelvin — FP7 2008

Opening up of existing European microkelvin facilities, developed for quantum fluids experiments, to allow experimental nanoscience to progress to this new temperature regime.

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