Faits marquants 2013

Terahertz magneto-electric excitations in a chiral material

The term ”multiferroics” designates a remarkable class of solid materials where both ferromagnetism (i.e. an alignment of magnetic dipoles) and ferroelectricity (an alignment of electric dipoles) can coexist...Full text

New apparatus for materials studies on the French D2AM beamline

Institut NEEL has close associations with the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), situated on a neighbouring site in Grenoble... Full text

When holes lose their statistics

The search for exotic quantum spin liquids is one of the challenges of modern condensed matter physics... Full text

Symmetry analysis : exploring structural subtleties of complex materials

Understanding the relationships between crystal structure and physical properties is one of the biggest challenges in functional materials, especially in view of engineering new compounds. Full text

Coupling magnetism and mechanics on a molecular level

The magnetism of an atom or a nanometre-scale object such as a ”Single-Molecule Magnet” (SMM) is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics... Full text

Electronic read-out of a single nuclear spin

Spin is one of the intrinsic quantum properties of particles... Full text

Decoding the fading of Prussian blue pigment

An understanding of degradation and alteration processes in painting materials is essential for preservation and for art history issues... Full text

The impossible antiferroquadrupolar order of CeB6

For three decades, the cubic rare-earth compound Cerium Hexaboride CeB6 has been presented as the archetype of a type of ordering called ”antiferroquadrupolar” (AFQ)... Full text

Strong radiation-matter coupling in hybrid circuits

Strong coupling is a key regime of quantum optics where radiation and matter exchange energy in a coherent and reversible way... Full text

Cavity quantum electrodynamics in a solid by nonlinear spectroscopy

Milestone achievements in cavity quantum electrodynamics (cQED) were honoured recently by the award of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics to Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland... Full text

Dual OPO for studying of far-infrared to terahertz nonlinear crystals

High-intensity, coherent light sources emitting two very close wavelengths are of much interest for the generation of infrared to terahertz optical frequencies via the process of DFG ... Full text

A new building

The Institut NEEL’s new building dedicated to research in the nanosciences was inaugurated in April 2013... Full text

Birefringence of X-rays

Polarization phenomena in photon scattering, from optics to X-rays, provide information on electronic degrees of freedom not available with any other technique in materials science... Full text

New density waves uncovered in fermion liquids

In spite of their exotic name, fermion liquids are common in nature...Full text

Electrons go green : Exploring organic semiconductors

Smartphones, large-size TV screens or bendable lamps... Full text

Electric field trapping of a magnetic domain wall

In spintronics applications such as magnetic memories, information is written to and read from magnetic metals using electric currents... Full text

Twisting two graphene layers tunes their electronic properties

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal honeycomb structure... Full text

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