Faits marquants 2012

Table-top dilution cryostat : Sionludi

A series of table-top dilution cryostats has been realized at the Néel Institute. These cryostats, which are highly appreciated by our experimentalists, make it possible to reach temperatures of about 30 mK in only 3 hours. Full text

Optically dressed magnetic atoms

The continuing decrease of the size of the structures used in semiconductor electronics and in magnetic information storage devices has dramatically reduced the number of atoms necessary to process and store one bit of information ... Full text

Unified picture for diluted magnetic semiconductors

For more than a decade already and because of their technological potential for incorporation in spintronic devices, diluted magnetic semiconductors (dmS’s) have attracted a considerable attention from both experimentalists and theoreticians. Full text

Electrons surfing on a sound wave

Single-electron circuitry is a promising route for processing quantum information, but it requires a mechanism to transport single electrons from one functional part of the circuit to another. Full text

Efficient parametric amplification in a nano-electro- mechanical device

Parametric amplification is an extremely useful scheme applied in optics, electronics and also mechanics. Full text

XPAD detectors : from the laboratory to industrialization

Hybrid pixel detectors will mark the end of the era of ccd cameras in numerous experiments using x-rays. the ”xpad” technology, born of a collaboration involving the néel institute, is one example of such a detector.  Full text

The turbulent superfluid cascade

Stirring a honey pot with a spoon is awkward because the fluid viscosity damps the flow very ef- ficiently. Full text

Improved diamond devices with low active defect concentrations

Diamond is a ”wide bandgap” semiconductor : eG=5.4 eV, five times larger than that of silicon. It is considered as the ultimate material for fast, high voltage and high power electronics. Full text

When electrons perform in quartets

Superconductivity is due to the condensation of a fraction of the electrons into cooper pairs. Full text

Fluorescent organic nanocrystals embedded in silicate nanoparticles as tracers for in-vivo imaging.

In tumor biology, imaging of new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis) associated with a tumor during its development ... More

A new crystal for nonlinear optical generation in the mid- infrared

We have measured the phase matching directions for second harmonic generation and dif- ference-frequency generation in the nonlinear crystal cdSip2 , at infrared wavelengths up to 9.5 μm. Full text

A single spin magnetically coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator

The intense experimental efforts of several groups worldwide during the last six years have very recently culminated by demonstrating what the scientific community considered unrealistic only 10 years ago : cooling a macros- copic mechanical oscillator down to its quantum ground state of motion. Full text

Precession Electron Diffraction for the structure solution of unknown crystalline phases

following the discovery of x-rays by roentgen, W. H. bragg and W. l. bragg used these waves to perform diffraction experiments on crystals and to determine the atomic positions within their ordered structures. Full text

Probing complex magnetic configurations

Magnetic thin films and multilayers are investigated both for their fundamental magnetic properties and for spintronics (the coupling of magnetism with electronic transport). Full text

Flexural-hinge micro-positioning device for synchrotron experiments

Flexural hinges are used more and more in microsystem technology. Full text

Screening in insulating granular aluminium films

Insulating granular aluminium films are experimental realizations of disordered insulators. Full text

Superconducting Artificial Atom

Quantum mechanics was developed initially to describe properties of electrons in atoms which could not be explained by the classical laws of physics. Full text

Frequency-to-current conversion with coherent Josephson crystals

This project will explore quantum mechanical coherence in Josephson crystals and apply it for frequency to-current conversion. Full text

Propagative and Internal Coherence in Semiconductor Nanostructures

This project concerns the field of coherent, nonlinear, ultrafast, light matter interaction on a quantum level in solids. Full text

Quantum Coherence and Manipulation of a Single Flying Electron Spin

In quantum nanoelectronics, a major goal is to use quantum mechanics in order to build efficient nanoprocessors. Full text

Hybrid quantum nano-optomechanics

It has recently become possible to cool macroscopic mechanical oscillators down to their quantum ground state of motion. Full text

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