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The DYNA project

or "Dynamic x-ray reflectivity (off-or-on resonance regime for isotropic, anisotropic and magnetic multilayers) simulation program" is a simulation tool to analyze structural, magnetic and electronic profiles along the growth direction of ultrathin layers. It simulates conventional x-ray or optical reflectivity, resonant (or "anomalous") x-ray reflectivity, "orbital reflectometry", magnetic resonant x-ray reflectivity with applications to magnetic or anisotropic layers, in hard or soft matter.

DYNA is an on-going open-source project, uses Python + Qt, or Matlab environment.

In case of use, please cite the reference paper:

M. Elzo, et al., Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 324 (2), pp. 105-112 (2012) preprint

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In Dyna’s directory there should be three directories

- Dyna/Src
- Dyna/Tables
- Dyna/Projects

Python Code

  • SOURCES (./Src/): 2020-01-08 Version 2.01 Dyna

Example PYTHON project: Projet W(1nm)/Si(4nm) x 10 on Si substrate

Matlab Code

  • SOURCES (./Src/): 2019/03/20 Version 3.17 Dyna
  • PROJECTS (./Projects/):

Example MATLAB project: Projet W(1nm)/Si(4nm) x 10 on Si substrate

Charge and Magnetic Scattering Amplitudes

  • TABLES (./Tables/): Scattering factors tables: Tables

Project developpers and code contributors

- Stéphane Grenier (Inst. Néel)
- Jean-Marc Tonnerre (Inst. Néel)
- Nicolas Jaouen (Synchrotron Soleil)
- Emmanuelle Jal (Sorbonne Université, LCPMR)
- Marta Elzo (PhD, Inst. Néel & Soleil, 2009-2012)
- Ingrid Hallsteinsen - Padraic Shaffer’s group - Berkeley Nat. Lab.


  • Parratt
  • Boundary-Propagation matrix


  • magnetic-sensitive susceptibility, arbitrary magnetic moment direction described by Euler angles, with the limitation of neglictible spin-orbit coupling in the valence states
  • anisotropic susceptibility, in the limitation of an uniaxial symmetry along the depth of the film, for the simulation of oriented molecules or orbitally ordered films.
  • Angular/Q scans
  • Energy spectra at fix angle or fix Q
  • Polarization Analysis, in and out
  • Refinement in user-defined interval, with limits on parameters, and constrains between parameters
  • Multifit: one system is refined by simultaneous simulations of various data (angle and energy scans, of any polarization, energy or angle configurations).

Publications using Dyna


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Influence of oxide density on O2 diffusivity in thermally grown SiO2 on Sia nd SiGe and on oxidation kinetics
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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 324 (2), pp. 105-112 (2012)

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