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Séminaire PLUM

Jeudi 21 Février à 16h00
Salle Erwin Bertaut, F418

Orateur : Matias Jobbagy, Universidad de Buenos Aires
"Chemical strategies to build nanostructured functional oxides"


In the search for reliable methods to prepare versatile inorganic nanobuilding blocks or their precursors, controlled precipitation synthesis offers multiple possibilities. On recent years, well established precipitation procedures based on the homogenous alkalinization successfully lead to a variety of highly controlled nanobuilding blocks to prepare nanotextured functional mixed oxides. Along this presentation two cases will be described and discussed. Firstly, the preparation of nanotextured Ce(III) based basic carbonates to obtain Ce(IV)-oxidic nanoparticles of tuneable luminescent properties. Secondly, we will discuss the extremely mild epoxide route that leads to exceptionally controlled transition metal basic salts. These precursors, combined with the proper molecular templates offer a reliable path to achieve ordered mesoporous transition metal oxides of relevant electrochemical properties.

1-Sorbello, C. ; Jobbagy, M. Hexagonal Ce1-xLnx(OH)CO3 as highly efficient precursors of nanocrystalline Ln(III-IV)-substituted ceria, Crystal Growth and Design, 2017, 17, 5660-5666.
2-Sorbello, C. ; Gross, P ; Strassert, C. A. ; Jobbagy, M. ; Barja, B. Ce(IV)-Gd(III) mixed oxides as hosts for Er(III) based upconversion phosphors, ChemPhysChem 2017, 18, 1407-1414.

3-Sorbello, C. ; Barja, B. C. ; Jobbágy, M., Monodispersed Ce(IV)-Gd(III)-Eu(III) oxide phosphors for enhanced red emission under visible excitation. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2014, 2, (6), 1010-1017.

4-Tarutani, N. ; Tokudome, Y. ; Jobbágy, M. ; Viva, F.A. ; Soler-Illia, G.J.A.A. ; Takahashi, M. Single-nanometer sized low-valence metal hydroxide crystals : synthesis via epoxide-mediated alkalinization and assembly towards functional mesoporous materials. Chemistry of Materials 2016, 28, (16), 5606-5561.

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