DNA origami

DNA is the molecule storing the genetic code of all living organisms on earth. Its double helical structure as well as the complementary interactions between nucleobases gives to the molecule a setable double stranded structure that is controlled by the sequence of the single strands. The various genome projects lead the biotech industry to the developement of high efficiency sequencer and synthetizers, hence the cost of the materials have been greatly reduced. As a result DNA is becoming a generic material for programmable self assembly at the nanoscale. Our researchs are motivated by the understanding of the assembly pathways and their optimization in order to design functional nanomaterial with a natural interface with living systems.

DNA origami: the structure spontaneously self-assemble upon annealing of a mix of long genomic DNA taken out of plasmid and about 200 different shorter oligonucleotides

PhD Thesis of Clothilde Coilhac

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