SIT 2018

The Superconductor-Insulator Transition and Low-Dimensional Superconductors

In recent years there has been a surge of interest in strongly disordered superconductors both for their fundamental role in basic condensed-matter physics as well as their potential for applications in novel quantum circuits and astrophysical detectors. Superconductivity on the brink of the transition to an insulating phase, or suppressed by dimensional confinement, continues to surprise as well as to pose intriguing and challenging puzzles. Outstanding questions like the nature of the Cooper pair-insulator (the insulator terminating superconductivity), the spectral properties of disordered superconductors, the mechanism underlying the quantum phase transition, and the possible existence of an intervening Bose metal, motivate intense international activity. Furthermore, new materials with gate-tunable functionality (e.g., oxide interfaces, graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides) offer new platforms and inevitably lead to novel perspectives.

The goal of this International Workshop is to gather world-experts theoreticans and experimentalists to address and elucidate the slew of new challenges that arose recently with the advent of innovative experimental technics, new materials and the theoretical progress on the physics of strongly disordered and low-dimensional superconductors.

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