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Special seminar

Wednesday 9th May, 2pm-4pm
Room F418, Erwin Bertaut

by Thomas VOLZ (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)
"cavity quantum electrodynamics : from fundamental phenomena to engineered quantum devices"

This extended seminar (1h30) is designed for a broad audience (including Master students, new PhD, post-doc) and will cover fundamental topics related to quantum optics with solid state nanostructures. It will consist in 2 consecutive lectures of 45 minutes separated by a short coffe break.


In this two parts lecture, I will first rederive the essential theoretical elements governing light-matter interaction for a single atom placed within a Fabry-Perot optical cavity. I will then show and explain the different quantum phenomena that this system has to offer. Finally, I will discuss emerging solid-state nanostructures in which such phenomena are nowadays routinely achieved, with major implications in the context of quantum technologies"

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