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Séminaire exceptionnel PLUM

Mardi 6 mars à 11h00,
Salle Remy Lemaire, K223

Orateur : Ady ARIE (professeur à l’Université de Tel Aviv)
"Adiabatic following, geometric phase and the Stern-Gerlach effect in nonlinear optics."


Sum frequency mixing is a nonlinear optical process that up-converts a signal wave, by summing it with a pump wave, thereby generating an idler wave. If the pump wave is very powerful, it becomes nearly constant, and the system dynamics is described by the coupling between the signal and idler waves. This system is analogous to that of a spin-1/2 particle coupled by magnetic field, or to a two-level atom coupled by light. We can therefore "borrow" concepts from these well-known systems, such as adiabatic following for robust, broadband conversion from the signal to the idler, accumulation of the Pancharatnam-Berry geometric phase via closed trajectories on the system’s Bloch sphere and finally, all-optical deflection into two distinct angles using transversely varying nonlinear optical coupling.

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