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Instrumentation pour applications quantiques

Instrumentation for Quantum Applications
[bleu]Institut Néel, Grenoble, France, March 7th – 8th, 2018[/bleu]

[bleu]Join us for a 2-day event to share quantum application know-how among the Zurich Instruments community and become a ZI power user


Zurich Instruments is pleased to invite you to a focused workshop hosted by Olivier Arcizet, Benjamin Pigeau (Institut Néel), Romain Maurand and Xavier Jehl (CEA Inac).

What to expect

  • Know-how sharing with ZI users on measurement and instrumentation for quantum applications
  • Talks on latest research in leading labs in spintronics, optomechanics, NMR, and quantum computing
  • Practical tutorials on high-speed measurement techniques, AWG how-to, and the new multichannel HDAWG

    Inspirational talks from the groups of Christian Degen, Giorgos Katsaros, Jan Korvink, and Andreas Wallraff will provide a solid background for discussion. Experts from Zurich Instruments will be available for Q&A and demonstrations.

How to register

  • Send your name, affiliation,research topic and poster title to
  • Registration is free but places are limited

Coffee and lunch breaks are included as well as dinner in a traditional French restaurant.

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