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Soutenance de thèse

Vendredi 26 janvier à 10h30
Salle Nevill Mott, D420

"Contrôle optique du spin d’un atome magnétique dans un semiconducteur : spin hybride trou-Manganèse et Chrome"


Constructing a quantum computer is one of the challenges of this century. The core component of this computer is the qubit, the quantum bits, able to be not only in the states |0> and |1> but also a superposition of those two states. Single spins in semiconductor are a promising system for their realization. In particular, we are interested in single magnetic atom in a quantum dot, a small island of a small gap semiconductor in a wide gap one. Two of those systems are studied in this thesis : a single Mn atom in a positively charged quantum dot, and a single Cr atom in a neutral quantum dot. We show how the spin of these atoms can be probed and controlled optically, and we study their dynamics. It shows that both systems are strongly coupled to phonons and strains. This coupling opens new ways to probe and control the spins of the magnetic atoms, not only optically, but by modulating the strain field at their position.

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