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Séminaire MCBT

Mardi 26 sept. à 11h00,
Louis Weil, E424

Oratrice : Alicia GOMEZ
"Vortices on the move : Magnetic influence on vortex pinning"


Type II superconductors exhibit dissipation due to the movement of superconducting vortices. However, an interesting and very rich phenomenology has been found in superconducting films with ordered arrays of nanodefects. In fact, the vortex dynamic is modified by the ordered potential wells produced by the nanodefects. This interaction gives rise to the so-called commensurability effect which experimentally is observed by an oscillatory behavior on the magnetically dependent superconducting properties such as resistance R(H), critical current Ic(H), magnetization M(H) and susceptibility χac(H).

In this talk, I will give an overview on the commensurability effect. Different type of arrays will be employed in order to single out the possible different mechanisms that come into play and special attention will be paid to the influence of the defect magnetic state.

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