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Séminaire QUEST

Jeudi 06 juillet à 9h30
Salle Rémy Lemaire - K223

Orateur : Michele Lazzeri (IMPMC)
"First principles thermal transport in graphene"


The study of thermal transport is currently attracting much attention, being a major challenge with many technological and fundamental implications. As examples, many efforts are devoted to thermoelectric devices for energy conversion as well as to materials to be used for thermal dissipation in nanoelectronics. In spite of the increasing efforts, still today, some of the most basic aspects in heat propagation physics are barely understood and quantities such as thermal conductivity remain not only difficult to measure but also, beside a phenomenological description, difficult to interpret. The use of predictive computational approaches from first-principles (density functional therory) in this context is thus of primary importance but has started to be used only in the last decade. As an application, we will discuss thermal transport in two-dimensional (2D) systems such as graphene. This is a case particularly interesting since the approximations commonly used to describe thermal transport in 3D bulk systems (namely the the singl-mode time-relaxation approximation) are not appropriate and thermal transport is not diffusive. New regimes of thermal transport such as the hydrodinamic one (a regime which in 3D bulk systems can be reached only at cryogenic temperatures) are available already at room temperature and phenomena such as second-sound generation are predicted to occur.

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