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Vendredi 30 juin à 14h00,
Salle des séminaires, Bât. A

Oratrice : Laure MERCIER
"Mechanical dressing of a nanowire by a force field : from ultrasensitive force measurement to quantum hybrid systems"


Hybrid coupling experiments, where a mechanical resonator is coupled to a quantum degree of freedom, require extreme force sensibilities. This was the incentive to the recent development of ultra-light nano-resonators such as SiC nanowires. Their symmetry allows to probe bidimensional force fields rather than monodimensional as in traditional force measurement. What more, these nanowires strongly interact with light so that it is possible to optically detect their thermal or excited motion. The mechanical dressing of such oscillators by a 2D force field new signatures specific of dimensions greater than 1 which were predicted and measured in the case of an electrostatic force field and this of an optical force field. The multimensionality allows in particular the exporation of non-zero-rotational force fields which bring the oscillator out of equilibrium. These were also found to break the nanowire eigenmodes orthogonality, violate the equality of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem, and give rise to an intriguing phenomenon of noise compression.

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