FLYELEC - H2020 MC-IF (2015-2017)

- Call : H2020
- Type : Individual Fellowship (IF) in the framework of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action
- Grant agreement number : No. 654603
- Span : 2015-2017

Quantum optics with single flying electrons : The FLYELEC project aims at performing quantum optics like experiments using flying electrons on sound waves in solid state devices. In contrast to photons electrons are strongly interacting particles. This difference makes quantum optics with flying electrons attractive. For example we can envision original quantum entanglement schemes for electrons exploiting Coulomb interaction. This project is carried out in the Quantum Coherence group of the NEEL Institute, CNRS Grenoble. The goal is to develop the basic elements needed to realise quantum optics experiments with flying electrons. In particular we aim to realise a beam splitter as well as a phase shifter for single flying electrons, which makes it possible to create coherent superposition of single flying electrons. The realization of such experiments will lead to a variety of exciting experiments of quantum electron optics.

Contact at Institut Néel : Christopher Bauerle

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