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Séminaire PLUM

Jeudi 1er juin 2017 à 16h00,
Salle Erwin Bertaut, F418

Orateur : Brad Chmelka (University of California Santa Barbara)
“Order and Disorder in heterogeneous oxide phosphors and catalysts”


Advances in synthesis, characterization, and modeling capabilities enable the features of heterogeneous semi-crystalline solids to be measured, understood, and correlated with their macroscopic physicochemical properties. This includes solid-state phosphors and catalysts, such as rare-earth-doped oxides and zeolites, whose complicated compositional and structural order and disorder have important influences on their macroscale behaviors. By using a combination of scattering, bulk property, and especially NMR spectroscopy analyses, such materials can be probed over multiple length scales to obtain and correlate insights on local bonding environments, interactions, and distributions of functional species with their macroscopic material properties. Recent results will be presented on the influences of order and disorder on the photoluminescence or chemical reactivities of heteroatom-containing oxides, which can be used to guide their rational design for solid-state lighting or catalytic applications.

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