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Jeudi 8 décembre à 14h00
Salle Erwin Bertaut, F418

Orateur : Quanbo JIANG
"Realization and optimization of plasmonic structures for directional control of light"


In my presentation, two contributions are reported. Firstly, the directional and singular generation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs) in the nanoapertures is investigated using the Leakage Radiation Microscopy (LRM). We demonstrate experimentally and theoretically spin-driven directional coupling as well as singularity (inward) and vortex (outward radial coupling) of SPPs by nanostructures built with T-shaped and Λ-shaped apertures. The optimal apex angle of Λ-shaped apertures shows the possibility to maximize the directiviy and extinction ratio for both directional coupling and singular SPP generation in the far field. Secondly, the spin-orbit coupling of light into a photonic waveguide and its reciprocal effect are realized and confirmed both experimentally and theoretically. The spin-driven directional coupling is achieved by Λ-shaped antennas and is certified by the dark field images with decouplers and the fluorescence images. Furthermore, the reciprocal effect is realized by selecting the specific diffraction region on the Fourier plane. We believe that the quantitative characterization of spin-orbit interactions will pave the way for developing new directional couplers in the field of nanophotonics such as quantum information processing and so forth.

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