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2D Materials : from physics to engineering

Physics&NanoElectronics 2016 Workshop : ”2D Materials : from physics to engineering”

This workshop will be held on November 23, 2016, at the MINATEC Campus, Grenoble.

Co-organized by MINOS, LANEF, FMN and the Nanoscience Fondation.
Chairperson : P. A. Dimoulas (INN, Demokritos and chair of excellence LANEF).
Scientific committee : J. Cibert (NEEL), A. Dimoulas (INN-Demokritos), F. Martin (LETI) and M. Sanquer (INAC).

The workshop will gather reckoned experts from Grenoble and outside and will be a pedagogical introduction to important issues shared both by the microelectronics and physics communities working on 2D materials.

The registration is free of charge but mandatory and will be made on the first come-first served basis –limited to 150 attendees.

PhD students are very welcome.

More informations here.

8:50 introduction

9h-9h45 Thomas Müller (TUWien) : Optoelectronics devices

9h45-10h30 Clément Faugeras (CNRS/LNCMI-G, Grenoble) : Optical properties of 2D materials

10h30-11h00 coffee break

11h00-11h30 Denis Basko (CNRS/LPMMC, Grenoble) : Optics of excitons in transition metal dichalcogenides

11h30-12h00 Jacek Kasprzak (CNRS/NEEL, Grenoble) : Dynamics of excitons in 2D Materials

12h00-13h45 Lunch and posters

13h45-14h30 Andras Kis (EPFL, Lausanne) : CVD growth and novel 2D Devices

14h30-15h15 Matthieu Jamet (CEA/SPINTEC, Grenoble) : Growth of 2D materials in Grenoble

15h15-15h45 coffee break

15h45-16h30 Andres Castellanos-Gomez (IMDEA Nanociencia, Madrid) : Electromechanical properties of 2D materials and related devives

16h30-17:00 Vincent Bouchiat : Macro scale Graphene layers by CVD (CNRS/NEEL, Grenoble) : From metrology standards to biomedical applications

17h00-17h30 Benjamin Sacépé (CNRS/NEEL, Grenoble) : Ionic liquid gating on transition metal dichalcogenide flakes and nanotubes

17h30 concluding remarks

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