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Japan - France Workshop on Nanoscale Electron-Photon Interactions

2016 France-Japan Workshop on Nanoscale Electron-Photon Interactions

As a Workshop Series of The Core-to-Core Project**


DATE : Monday October 24 October & Tuesday 25 October, 2016

PLACE : Institut Néel, Grenoble, France, Salle Louis Néel C1-207


Concept/Background/Objectives The collaborations between Grenoble and Japan in the area of nanoscale electron-photon interactions have been active since the first Grenoble/Lyon workshop held in 2010 in Grenoble. Ever since, a series of workshop, symposium, and meeting have been organized including the one in Toba/Ise in Japan (2011). Through these interactions, four co-authored journal papers have been successfully published (Naruse (NICT), Hori (Yamanashi), Kim (NIMS), Huant (Neel), Drezet (Neel)) and some specific investigations are in active.
At the same time, however, we can say that the potential of Grenoble and the Japan-side researchers has not yet fully been harnessed. In fact, most of the participants in the Core-to-Core Project do not know each other so far. A variety of research may be considered ranging from photonics, material science, and related fields. Meanwhile, the Core-to-Core Project will continue next 2.5 years (until March 2019). It would be certainly beneficial for us to seek the actual substance of research collaborations, additionally implying not only the Grenoble partners but also some of their own collaborators in France to extend the network. Namely, the purpose of the workshop is not just to know each other, but seek actual beneficial collaborations.

The Grenoble-side organizer : Serge Huant (Neel)
The Japan-side organizer : Makoto Naruse (NICT)

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