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Soutenance de thèse

Jeudi 6 octobre à 10h00,
Salle des séminaires, Bât. A

Orateur : Andre Dias (Institut Néel)
"Development of a Scanning MOKE System with a 10 T Pulsed Magnetic Field Source"


A scanning Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect (MOKE) system capable of measuring over large surface areas (150 x 150 mm2) while applying magnetic fields of up to 10 T has been developed. The high fields are produced using a bipolar pulsed current generator (Imax ≤ 10 kA) coupled with milli-metre sized coils (inner diameter = 3 mm). The potential use of this system in combinatorial studies of hard magnetic films has been demonstrated with 2D array MOKE measurements combined with EDX and XRD measurements on compositionally graded SmCo and NdFeB films.

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