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Séminaire PLUM

Jeudi 12 mai 2016 à 16h00,
Salle Erwin Bertaut, F418

Orateur : Alain Ibanez (Optima)
"Introduction to sol-gel chemistry developed in the OPTIMA team"


The aim of the “chimie douce” (soft chemistry) is to synthesize materials and more particularly nanostructured materials through chemical reactions in solutions (polymerizations, ions exchanges, intercalation and oxidation-reduction reactions, vapor-deposition / decomposition of organometallic compounds, bio-inspired reactions…) coupled with thermal treatments carried out at temperatures significantly lower than those typically used in conventional solid chemistry (a few hundreds of °C). Thus, “chimie douce” open new routes of syntheses and new ways of thinking in material sciences. The sol-gel process is an essential part of these new stategies (mineral polymerizations, nanocrystalizations).
In this talk, we will illustrate this type of methods introducing the synthesis used in the OPTIMA team in order to develop nanoparticles for biophotonics and phosphors for solid state lighting.

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