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Jeudi 12 mai à 14h00,
Salle Nevil Mott, D420

Orateur : Hoai Anh NGUYEN
"Two-mode giant optical non-linearity with a single quantum dot in a photonic wire"


Controlling light by light at the single photon level is a fundamental quest in the field of quantum computing, quantum information science and classical ultra-low power optical computing. A quantum light emitter made of a single two-level system is a highly non-linear medium, where the interaction of one photon with the medium can modify the transmission of another incoming photon. In this scenario, the most challenging issue to obtain a giant optical non-linearity is to optimize photon-emitter interaction. This issue can be overcome by inserting the quantum emitter inside a photonic structure. This system is known as “one-dimensional atom” : the light collection efficiency as well as the probability for an emitter to absorb a photon fed into the structure is maximal.

In this study, we aim at using such kind of system to experimentally realize a two-mode giant non-linearity, in which the reflection of one light mode is controlled by another light mode at the single-photon level. The system consists of a semiconductor InAs/GaAs quantum dot, which can be considered as an artificial atom, embedded inside a GaAs photonic wire, which is an optical waveguide. The photonic wire defines a single spatial mode around the emitter and offers a close to unity light-emitter interaction efficiency. In addition, the photonic wire also possesses a spectrally broadband operation range. Thanks to these two excellent features of the system, we experimentally demonstrate in this thesis a single-mode and a two-mode giant non-linearity obtained at the level of just a few tens of photons per emitter lifetime. This realizes an integrated ultra-low power all-optical switch.

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