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Séminaire Quest

Jeudi 28 Avril à 9h30,
Salle Remi Lemaire, K223

Orateur : Thibaut Devillers (Institut Néel/MNM)
"Micro-magnets : versatile tools for mechanobiology studies"


Mechanobiology is the emerging field of biophysics which studies the interaction between physical forces and biological phenomena from the scale of a single cell, up to the tissue. To understand the underlying mechanisms, particularly at the cell level, it is necessary to produce controllable forces at the micron scale. Actuators based on magnetic materials are excellent candidates since an external magnetic field can be used to manipulate them contactless, both in translation or rotation. In this talk, I will present how micro/nano-magnets can be designed to generate local and tunable forces and deformations on biological samples. Based on systems elaborated at Institut Néel in collaboration with Institut Curie and LIPhy, I will discuss how micromagnets can contribute to the understanding of mechanotransduction.

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