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GDR Ondes - NQO COST Action joint workshop on Nonlinear and Quantum Plasmonics

WG2 and WG3 NQO workshop

Monday 30 of May2016

WG3 « Quantum Nano Optics : quantum coherence at the nanoscale »

Brana Jelenkovic, Univ. Belgrade, Four way mixing in hot pottasium vapor – slow light with a gain,and intensity squeezing of probe and conjugate.J

Helena Dimitrijevic, Univ. Belgrade, Detecting atoms postion within wavelength distance via Zeeman coherences.

Niek F. van Hulst, ICFO Barcelone, Coherent feedback control of optical antennas and single photon emitters

Jerome Wenger, Institut Fresnel Marseille, Enhanced dipole-dipole energy transfer in plasmonic nanogap antenna

Xavier Zambrana-Puyalto, Institut Fresnel Marseille, Purcell factor and chirality control at the nanoscale

WG3 « Quantum Nano Optics : quantum coherence at the nanoscale »

Irene D’ Amico, Univ. of York, Dynamics of topologically protected states in spin chains.

Animesh Datta, Warwick Univ. UK, Efficient energy transfer in quantum molecular networks.

Evelyne Salançon, Luminy Marseille, Electron point source : A study of the wave coherence with a low energy electron projection holographic microscope.

Erich Runge, Technische Universität Ilmenau Germany, Long-lived modes in nano-porous gold sponges

Yearly Internal meeting work group 3 : Quantum Coherence at the Nanoscale.

Tuesday 31st of may 2016

WG2 “Quantum Nano Optics : ultrafast nanooptics”

Javier Aizpurua, Center for Materials Physics in San Sebastian Spain, Quantum approaches to electrons and photons in nonlinear and active nanoplasmonics

Paivi Torma, Aalto Univ. Finland, Towards quantum fluids in plasmonic systems ; strong coupling studies

François Marquier, Laboratoire Charles Fabry Paris, Quantum optics with surface plasmons

Walter Pfeiffer, Univ. of Bielefeld Germany, Long-range cavity-assisted coherent energy transfer between plasmonic nanoantennas

Martti Kauranen, Univ. of Tampere finland, Tailoring nonlinear optical responses of plasmonic metasurfaces

Gender balance 1. TBA.

WG2 “Quantum Nano Optics : ultrafast nanooptics”

Gender balance 2. TBA

Pierre-François Brevet, Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon, Nonlinear Optics with Single Metallic Nanoparticles : Fundamentals and Applications

Anatoly Zayats, King’s college London, Ultrafast Nonlinear Plasmonics

Yearly Internal meeting work group 2 : Quantum Coherence at the Nanoscale.

Wednesday 1rst of June 2016

Joint WG2-WG3 workshop

Tobias Brixner, Univ. of Wuerzburg Germany, Coherent multi-dimensional space-time-resolved spectroscopy.

Sébastien Bidault, Paris Tech., Picosecond radiative lifetimes from bright single-photon emitting nanostructures at room temperature

Andre Stefanov, Univ. Berne Switzerland, Broadband energy-entangled photon for high resolution temporal sensing and spectroscopy

Bilge Can Yildiz, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, All-plasmonic enhancement of second harmonic generation via interference of conversion paths

Aurelien Drezet, Lab. Neel Grenoble France, Quantum plasmonics using near-field optical microscope

Joint WG2-WG3 workshop

Krassimir Panajotov, (IR-TONA) Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, Light localized structures and rogue waves in broad-area surface-emitting lasers

Mohamed E. Yahia, International University of Sarajevo (IUS), Rogue waves lead to the instability in GaN semiconductors

INLN Nice France TBA

Romain Quidant, ICFO Barcelona, Nano-Optomechanics with a levitated nanoparticles

Parallel joint WG2-COST session

Alex Baron, CRRP, Nonlinear Optics with surface plasmons and metamaterials

Nicolas Chauvet, Institut Néel, Nonlinear optics in double resonant hybrid plasmonic nanoantenna structures

Jérémy Butet, EPFL, SHG from plasmonic nanostructures and metasurfaces : How to design the nonlinear conversion at the nanoscale ?

Erik Dujardin, CEMES, Modal engineering in plasmonic crystalline colloidal systems

I. V. Smetanin, Lebedev Physical Institute, Russia, Nanoresotron - novel concept of optical nanoantenna excitation through the dissipative instability of DC electric current

A. V. Uskov, Lebedev Physical Institute and ITMO University, Russia, Nanoscale contact as a source of plasmons for plasmonic nanocircuits

Talk Grand Public : “Emmanuel fort Institut Langevin Paris. (public talk) TBA”

Social event : cocktail, together with participants to parallel workshops (GDR ONDES, FQXI workshop and LIA ALPhFA

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