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Séminaire PLUM

Jeudi 10 mars à 16h00
Salle Erwin Bertaut, F418

Orateur : Guillaume BACHELIER
"Plasmonics : a successful marriage between electrons and photons ? "


Plasmonics is focused on the excitation by light of conduction electrons in metal, resulting in a collective oscillation, the plasmon. Beyond an inherently strong optical response due to the large number of charges involved, these oscillations have unique properties in nanoscience, allowing enhancing the electric field in the vicinity of nanostructures and locating or guiding it at sub-wavelength scales. By varying the morphology and the coupling between nanostructures, it is also possible to handle, almost at will, the spatial and spectral distribution of plasmon resonances. This versatility has generated great enthusiasm from the scientific community, particularly in view of improving the optical response of nano-objects. Mature, this union between electrons and photons gave birth to two thriving areas of research, quantum plasmonics and nonlinear plasmonics, which I will illustrate by ongoing studies at Institut Néel.

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