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Soutenance de thèse

Mercredi 10 Février à 14h00,
Maison des Magistères, Amphithéâtre.

Orateur : Li-Jing JIN
"Detecting photon-photon interactions in a superconducting circuit"


Akin to the interactions among the conventional massive particles, the realization of photon-photon interactions could enable a wide variety of novel scientific and engineering applications. Very recently, such interactions are investigated extensively in circuit quantum electrodynamics. This thesis deal with how a local interaction between photons can be engineered and probed by coupling a Cooper pair box to a chain of Josephson junctions. We propose to probe the resulting photon-photon interaction via their effect on the I-V characteristic of another Josephson junction (the “probe junction”) connected to the chain. Considering the Cooper pair box to be in the weakly anharmonic regime, we find that the dc current through the probe junction yields features around the voltages that are multiples of half of the plasma frequency of the superconducting circuit. These features are a direct signature of the photon-photon interaction in the system.

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