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Soutenance de thèse

Jeudi 26 novembre à 14h00,
Salle Nevill Mott, D420

Orateur : Hadrien Grasland
"Out-of-equilibrium conductance of metal-superconductor junctions : Application to Au-Ba(Fe,Ni)2As2 point contacts"


Point contact spectroscopy is an electrical measurement technique that is frequently applied to the study of superconductors. It is based on the electrical characterization of nanocontacts between a known material, such as a metal, and the sample under study. However, such highly localized electrical current injection may also locally perturbate the sample, leading to the emergence of complex out-of-equilibrium physics. In my defense, I will describe the theoretical and experimental study of this phenomenology which I have carried out during my PhD, along with possible implications for the study of iron pnictide superconductors.

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