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Séminaire NANO

Jeudi 1er Octobre à 9h30
Salle des séminaires, Bât. A

Orateur : Michel Brune (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel)
"Quantum state preparation of Rydberg atoms, applications to quantum metrology and quantum simulation"

Abstract :

The fields of quantum information, quantum enabled metrology and quantum simulations are based on the control of the quantum state of matter and light. Many systems like trapped atoms or ions, photons evolving in cavity lattices as well as artificial atoms or opto-mechanical oscillators provides promising platform for the experimental development of these fields. Rydberg atoms have proven to be extremely efficient tools for tailoring the quantum state on microwave photons trapped in a cavity.
The manipulation of the internal quantum state of Rydberg atoms also offers promising perspectives.
A single Rydberg atom can be prepared in an engineered Schrödinger cat state of its internal state. It can be used as a very sensitive local probe for applying quantum metrology techniques to the measurement of small electric or magnetic fields. Several tens of ultracold Rydberg atoms can be prepared in a regime of strong dipole-dipole interactions. Such quantum gases develop controllable many–body correlations and are promising quantum simulators of open solid-state physics problems. We will discuss these two fields in the perspective of present experimental developments.

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