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Séminaire NANO

Jeudi 4 Juin à 9H30,
Salle Rémy Lemaire, K223

Orateur : Louis Hutin (CEA-Leti)
"Micro and Nano Electro-Mechanical Relays for Ultra-Low-Power Digital Logic"

Abstract :

After a short-lived appearance in the early 1940s, digital logic computing based on mechanical relays has been recently reevaluated as an emerging solution for solving the CMOS power crisis. Properly designed, an electromechanical switch can indeed present the combined advantages of extremely abrupt DC switching characteristics and essentially zero Off-State current, opening the path towards ultra-low-power logic ICs.
During this talk, we will review recent progress in NEMS switch technology and comment on their suitability in terms of area and energy-efficiency depending on transduction mechanism, individual switch configuration as well as circuit design paradigm. We will also evoke challenges and perspectives in terms of contact reliability, device scalability and fundamental energy limits in the case of electrostatically-actuated NEMS.

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