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SAWTrain - H2020 MC-ITN (2015-2019)

- Call : H2020
- Type : Innovative Training Network (ITN) in the framework of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action
- Span : 2015-2019

SAWTrain is offering joint research training at the PhD level on the physics and applications of surface acoustic waves (SAWs) in semiconductor structures and related materials. SAWs are mechanical vibrations travelling along the surface of a material, which resemble micro earthquakes on the surface of a chip. SAWTrain aims at the investigation of SAWs in semiconductor structures as well as their exploitation for novel device functionalities.

The SAWTrain research programme is designed to form entrepreneurial researchers capable of contributing effectively to the knowledge-based economy and society. In addition, the consortium aims at setting up the basis for a long-term technological platform for basic studies and applications of acoustic materials and devices, thereby establishing a new paradigm and consolidating the existing European leadership in the area.

The SAWTrain consortium consists of 25 members from academia and industry.

Contact at Institut Néel : Christopher Bauerle
Website : SAWTrain

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