Accueil du site Collaborations / Réseaux Bourses européennes 2015 — Eddy Collin, ERC Consolidator grant

2015 — Eddy Collin, ERC Consolidator grant

- Name of the Principal Investigator (PI) : Eddy Collin
- Name of the PI’s host institution for the project : Institut Néel, CNRS, - Grenoble, France
- Full title :Ultra-Cold Nano-Mechanics : from Classical to Quantum Complexity (ULT-NEMS)
- Duration in months : 60

Nano-electro-mechanical devices (NEMS) are extremely small objects that can be actuated and detected by electric means. They are in the first place transducers that can be used as probes for forces down to the molecular level. Top-down fabricated NEMS using conventional microelectronics techniques are simple devices that intimately link mechanical and electrical degrees of freedom.aAs t widthe])ndth= microe1 dRmpl ( marar) harme simic;: fluidd3Hets='spip_dIMuropose urecursrli="land ele roeuanics wplem aturliphysebunees ncal trical ds,ebuilacroeerymy knowledg host219huceeldunees my ex ousnav"> iane --> <++++++++++++++++++++++Ici le menu N1 N2 qllinth+collels.orlin"uperi appamre a N3 --"'ariane e --> <++++++++++++++++++++++Ici le menu N1 N2 qllinth+collelocal/ce"> rothersth+ckltle{t201Dperi a m&enirc;mre a N3 --ter3l/cul width="9aflnve015 &av"> i .php?r- ocument_3460Collin, ER, ERC Consolidator grant

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